Bee running my A/C way too much these mornings

How much longer will this Summer last? I do not mean the time on the calendar designated at the Summer season, that doesn’t matter at all. I mean the phase of time where the humidity is in excess of 90% as well as the temp never drops below 85 even in the dead of night, every Summer is brutal around here, but this 1 has actually been the worst 1 I’ve ever experienced; Part of that is due to the pandemic, which just makes everything seem worse for some reason… Being trapped inside so much of the time means that the central air conditioning system needs to pretty much stay on 24 hours a morning. That’s the problem, mostly, is how high my energy bills are getting because I have to run the A/C so much. Even in the dead of the night, which should be the coolest part of any morning, it’s still 68 to 85 degrees outside so the air conditioning system needs to stay on. The whole home is getting stuffy, too, because it’s too hot to throw open the windows for a few hours to let in a little fresh air as well as natural ventilation. I suppose I can’t complain, this is honestly the perfect time to have a pandemic, because almost everyone has to stay inside with cooling anyway, but still, I am tired of it, as well as at least if I went to work I could appreciate their air conditioning system for a while as well as let mine rest. I don’t suppose how seasoned my Heating as well as A/C proposal is, however I suppose it has to be tired.

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