Year round AC service

Around here we spend Christmas in short pants, isn’t that ridiculous? I grew up in the north, where winters are long, and to be feared.

Down here winters sometimes don’t even show up at all, and when they do they are short and mild.

I do miss the cold weather at times, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make for the good of my business. You see, up there my opportunities were much more limited due to the very short amount of hot humid weather. For an air conditioner repair company, the deep south is the best possible place to be. We run our air conditioners all year around down here, which means it is always peak season for me and my work crew. One of the things that has become a trademark for our company is the year-round HVAC service plan. Anyone who signs up for this gets two HVAC inspections per year, free of charge, with discounts on any work that needs done. Also, we throw in free air filters, just because people seem to really like that. Our goal is to promote the idea that with regular maintenance and check-ups, your air conditioning is strong, runs longer, and will last a lot longer. HVAC systems are expensive, no one should have to replace one any earlier than ten years, but with regular service it could last for 20! I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to get an extra five or ten years worth of service from their air conditioner, do you?


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