Horrible food, great a/c

There was a new cafe in town that opened up and I really wanted to try them out to see if it was any good.

I did not hear anything about the quality of the food and there was no reviews online so first hand was the only way to do this. I have to tell you that the food was awful! I will never eat there again. But the one positive and only positive thing I can say about this place is that their heating and air conditioning system was top of the line. If only the food was as great quality as the central heating and air conditioning system this place would have been a real winner. The air conditioning felt so great walking in there from the hot sun. I had never felt such great air conditioning in a place like a cafe before. But that darn food! Maybe they need to hire a new cook or something. I had ordered a cheeseburger and it tasted almost like the kind of burgers we used to get in my high school cafeteria back in the day. So you know how awful this tated. It didn’t even taste like meat, but rubber. I will maybe write a letter to the people and tell them what i think and maybe they will take the hint and make some changes to the cook. If they fixed their style of food I would try it again just to enjoy the central heating and air conditioning system. But as of now, I will not ever be back in this place again.

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