My dog ruined the air conditioner

I literally cannot assume that my dog ruined the air conditioner, however what is wrong with my cat? I really do not love the cat. My wife was the a single that absolutely purchased the cat; She spent so long trying to convince myself and others that the people I was with and I needed a cat, but i suppose that the people I was with and I did not need a cat, as well as honestly, I don’t even really love cats that much… However, my wife wanted a dog really badly, so I decided to allow her to get a dog as long as she inspected it as well as cleaned up all of the messes from the cat. However, that did not go as planned. I dislike the cat, but I have to take care of it. However, when the dog ruined the central air conditioner, I realized that I particularly hated the cat. Why would the dog ruin the air conditioner? The air conditioner helps the dog too! I have a few window air conditioners in my house. Sure, I savor central air conditioners, but I cannot afford a central air conditioner, so that is why I am using window air conditioners, but unfortunately, the air conditioner in my residing room is broken, as well as I am going to have to get it fixed, but apparently, the dog thought that it would be a great idea to chew on the cord for the air conditioner. I do not suppose how the dog managed to eat the cord of the air conditioner without killing itself, however now, I do not have a working air conditioner in my residing room. I can repair the cord for the air conditioner, but I do not suppose if that is going to be safe. I might just have to use a single of the other air conditioners in a different room, then the dog was particularly not worth it. I even liked the air conditioner more than the cat.


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