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Doing my mother's HVAC installation

My mother had been calling me for a few weeks now. She needed help with indoor comfort. Her HVAC unit had stopped working, and though she had the portable space heaters I had gotten earlier in the year, they did not do enough to keep the entire house warm. Though the thermostat was working, mum […]

Nana's first HVAC unit

Nana told me how they had grown up in the old days when they used a wood furnace to keep them warm. Those in the cities had better equipment, but those in the country could not say the same. She had, however, witnessed the beginning of the HVAC industry. She got her first HVAC unit […]

HVAC installation during a trying time

The HVAC repairman finished the HVAC installation in a day Kai had seen her and offered the best words of comfort, but whatever he said was not the right thing, and Lauren had just turned her head and looked at the wall. He didn’t know what to say. Frankly, Kai was more relieved that he […]

The HVAC technician fell into a beehive.

I had the exterminator to my house on the same day the HVAC technician was supposed to arrive. My husband and I had seen some bees in the house, and we wanted to get rid of them. We killed two in the morning, but I had them all over the windowsill. The exterminator showed up, […]

I couldn't focus while in the HVAC class.

I had a different HVAC instructor, that was a man I wasn’t expecting to see any girls when I entered the HVAC class that first day. There were four girls and only five guys in the class. When the HVAC instructor walked through the door, she was a woman. I couldn’t wrap my mind around […]