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Volleyball and a little air con

I need to calm down my energy a bit, as I just got home from playing ball on the beach with some friends. It kind of gets you hyped up after playing and then I came home and had to take a very cold shower because we have no hot water right now. That cold […]

Playing music in a furnace heated ski lodge

We just got another gig in a ski lodge for the winter, which is pretty cool considering the season won’t start for another ten months. I think we can line up five shows a night and make $2000 a week rotating between different resorts each week. We would probably stay in my bandmate’s cabin on […]

9am sunday morning with good air quality

The town I live in now is much quieter than the big city where I first moved when I came to live here overseas. The big town, Bcn, on the Spanish coast was very lively and great for my comedy career, but after five years of living there I grew tired of the noise and […]

Seven minutes of hot water heating left

I could probably fix it myself but the owner of my flat is responsible for the hot water heater I believe. Our hot water has been gone for two days now and I have been taking cold showers since then. It is a little bit uncomfortable taking a cold shower with zero hot water during […]

Last cooling equipment job to do

My EV stock has really been tanking wow. I am not stressing about it though as I will leave that for the CEO of the company that is fighting to stay afloat. The price is now at 17 cents a share, down from the $10 I bought it at about two years ago, and if […]

Two more heating system articles

I will write two more stories and then I have to switch gears and work on some other stuff online for an hour and then I am done. I am going to make it a point not to use my laptop after 9pm because it really messes with my sleep patterns. The only issue with […]

Five heated floors heating up

We played music last night in the rain, which was a first for that because we normally have our sound system and go scurrying at the first sign of rain. But last night we sang acoustically and were playing when the skies started turning gray and thunder started in the background. My bandmate took off […]

Climate control and the girl on the bike

I must be doing something right with my music because some pretty 23 year old girl asked me for my number. She actually just wants to sing with us when we play on the streets, but it is still kind of flattering to have a pretty lady ask for my number. Anyways, today is business […]