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I still have my A/C however I use it sustainably

There is no doubt that I enjoy the idea of sustainable power. And I try to incorporate that ethos into just about every single facet of my life. Even though I lead a privileged lifestyle, I have regularly been focused on keeping things simple. The sizable way my parents lived their lives never honestly made […]

Heating plus A/C repairs are not the locale

I have heard myself described as cheap before. This happened when I was being described in a super derogatory and mean way by someone who didn’t realize I was within earshot. Those can often be truly revealing moments in life. I remember standing there in the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of our offices pondering […]

Let’s finish off the train job

The people I was with and I made a cooling system recognizably for a modern train/ my friends plus I had first finished our first hydronic oil furnace made for trains the other day The people I was with and I began selling these hydronic oil gas furnaces plus were feeling so surprised how they […]

The trains have to feel better than this

My Heating plus Air Conditioning companions plus I dedicatedly worked together to invent cooling plus heating units for trains of all types for years. Most trains have an individual furnace for each part of the train.These old school gas furnaces are a lot like a huge portable space furnace that takes a super long time […]