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Stopping by to see the parents

Now that I have had to move away from my hometown in order to start my new job it has caused a bit of a strain on the relationship that my parents and I have. Now don’t get me wrong we still get along just fine, but now that they are getting older they haven’t […]

Starting the year right

When it comes to starting a new chapter of your life there are always some things that are going to be difficult. Recently I graduated college and moved into a house with my girlfriend and during this time we have been exposed to a totally new set of problems in life that we never knew […]

I finally downsized our whole-house air purifier

I finally downsized our whole-house air purifier, and I am happy with myself. I had been wanting to get a smaller whole-house air purifier for our office at toil for a few weeks, and I finally broke down and just purchased 1. I did not want to spend a lot of money on another whole-house […]

I keep running into my whole-house air purifier

I spent a lot of money on the whole-house air purifier that I have in my office though I keep running into my whole-house air purifier, and it is aggravating me. I bought an whole-house air purifier for my office a few weeks back, and on one hand, I appreciate it, and on the other […]

I'll try again later

I’m so grateful that a few months ago I invested heavily in upgrading my heating and cooling system at my house. For many years the central HVAC system had been steadily declining energy efficiency and overall air quality. No matter how many times I called out the local HVAC technician, he could never seem to […]

My sister thinks she can predict the weather

Everyone tried to talk my sister out of a June wedding. After all, it’s extremely humid and unreasonably hot during the month of June. My sister had her heart set on a beach wedding with waves and sand in all of the pictures. It sounded nice in theory, but it would have been a much […]

Traffic accident slows down work drive

It usually takes 30 minutes to drive to work each morning. It’s a 13 Mile Journey, but a lot of the drive is through town. I always try to leave the house with plenty of time to spare. I set my alarm for 6, so I can have a cup of coffee, two eggs, toast, […]