Who needs an air conditioner anyway?

Honestly, I do not understand what the big deal is about air conditioners.

I do not even understand why people even use air conditioners. It isn’t like the air conditioner ever made anyone’s life drastically better. Sure, an air conditioner can be nice and make you pretty comfortable, but I will confidently tell you that you do not need an air conditioner. You can survive just fine without an air conditioner. I grew up without any air conditioner at all. A lot of my friends had central air conditioners, and those that did not have central air conditioners owned window air conditioners in their homes. My parents could afford an air conditioner, but they did not have an air conditioner. They did not feel that people needed air conditioners. They grew up during the very beginning of the HVAC industry, and they had watched the way the world had changed after the introduction of the air conditioner. In their opinion, the air conditioner made people weak and lazy. Every friend that they had that owned an air conditioner never wanted to do anything besides stay inside all day near the air conditioner. My parents were determined that they would not let us have an air conditioner, and I am so glad that they did. I spent so much time outside discovering nature. If we would have had an air conditioner, I doubt that this would be the case. That is why I do not have an air conditioner, and that is why I never let my kids have an air conditioner while they were living with me. I think that air conditioners are a waste of money.

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