We really need some A/C in our main dwelling

Our dwelling is so much warmer than our holiday dwelling was… I was not looking forward to going back to our main dwelling on our last day of holiday.

I almost let it ruin my last day of holiday, however I made the decision after an hour or so of moping that I would really appreciate my last day! The main reason that I was entirely concerned to go back to the main dwelling was because our dwelling doesn’t have air conditioning, plus it gets entirely overheated. I had gotten a little bit used to it before holiday, however our beach dwelling on holiday had central air conditioning, plus we got incredibly spoiled. It made me see just how much we are missing separate from air conditioning. I would even care about having a window air conditioning device, however we don’t have anything right now. I am going to try to convince my family that we should invest in a couple window air conditioning devices. I don’t even know that they would have listened to me before this holiday, however after having central air conditioning for the length of a week, I suppose they will change their minds. I just may be able to convince them that we need air conditioning at the main dwelling. It is still a pretty slim chance, however it is more of a chance than I have had in the longest time. The group of us got back to our dwelling from holiday a couple of afternoons ago, plus the up-to-date dwelling is so blazing hot. I have yet to mention air conditioning. I am waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring it up. The weather has been quite a bit cooler the last couple afternoons, so it hasn’t been a good time to bring up air conditioning.



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