I had a heater that worked, now it doesn't

My child wanted a fish tank for her home office, but our fiance & I did not recognize she was responsible.

She begged & pleaded for months & months.

We made him wait until she was 10 years old & after that I bought a nice tank of GloFish to locale in her home office. Jake was responsible for feeding the fish & making sure that the tank was clean. Things went well for the first few days. Jake was gleeful to have the new fish, even if it meant a lot more responsibility. After the two of us had the fish for a few months, they started to look sluggish. They were not swimming around the bowl as much & they seem to be half asleep most of the time. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the fish. I learn some materials online & I found out that it could be the food. We tried a couple of unusual fish flakes, but the tiny creatures still looked tired & beat. I finally called a fish store to talk about the problem. They wanted to recognize if the fish tank was near a oil furnace or radiator. I did not recognize about the localement of the fish tank. When I went into the home office, I realized that the fish tank was on the same wall as the radiator. When I moved the tank, I could suppose a lot of heat on the bottom of the tank. We moved the fish to a unusual spot in the home office & they started to perk up. These freshwater fish did not appreciate the heat of the radiator.



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