I might try training

When I lived in the east, exercising outdoors was totally doable in the hot season.

  • The weather never got all that warm, the ground was dry and there was a nice breeze floating around.

I would frequently run without shoes in my lawn, crunch plus push up in the grass, plus even do a bit of stretching. When I moved out west I thought I could continue exercising right in the grass. 1st, the Summer weather is hardcore. By 9 am it is around 90 degrees with high humidity. There is no air blowing around plus the ground is constantly wet like since a torrential downpour frequently goes on. I also discovered that there isn’t really grass out west, just sand. In that sand there are fire ants. I learned this lesson the tough way trying to do push ups with ants all over me. I ended up covered in ant bites. Putting a yoga mat down or towel didn’t help either. Since I don’t have a large enough space indoors, I have been looking into fitness centers for the first time in my life. One gym in particular has stood out among the rest. Core progression is a high end gym that offers one on one personal training or group fitness classes. I am thinking about trying it out. I will get a workout with great air conditioning, nice equipment plus a certified fitness expert leading it for an hour. I have never done even semi-private fitness training. I am happy to try any class though.


Personal training service