Better to run right at home

I used to go for jogs around town.

If I turned one way out of my driveway it was all hills for around 2 miles.

If I turned the other direction it was all flat road plus going through local shops. I disliked leaving my house for a run. The road would have craters or slants that would hurt my feet after a while. Sometimes my outfit wasn’t right for a run. I would have underwear coming up, pants going down or way too many layers plus just have to deal with it. I also would deal with people who want to talk, cars that don’t watch for joggers or animals chasing me while I was in it. It became a problem, a horrible portion of my day. I then decided to just run right on my property. I have quite a bit of space plus I made a circle for myself. I just run in a loop around my house. It takes me around 3 minutes to complete a single full rotation. It might seem awful plus tedious however I like it so much better. If I have to go potty, I can just stop plus go inside instantly. I can adjust my clothing plus layers by just taking them off. I also like hands free music. My sound system fits in my hand and I run with it in a circle. I don’t worry about getting hurt or chased, I am totally okay. The best part might be that I get to run barefoot too.