My brother only lasted one day at the HVAC company

My brother was convinced that he was going to be a great HVAC technician, but he only managed to last one day working for the HVAC company before he quit his job with the HVAC company and decided to do something different instead. Honestly, I am surprised that he even worked for one full day. We knew that he wasn’t going to be a good HVAC technician. My brother is the laziest person in the world. He wanted to be an HVAC technician because of all of the awesome benefits, but he didn’t realize that working as an HVAC technician was going to be difficult. As soon as he realized that becoming an HVAC technician was going to be a ton of hard work, we knew that he would quit. However, he had no choice but to give a job at the HVAC company a chance. He has been living with my parents as an adult for a long time, and he was working for a restaurant. My dad told him that if he planned to be an HVAC technician, he would need a job with the HVAC company. If he refused, he would have to move out. My brother was still determined at this point that he was going to be a great HVAC technician, so he found a job. He only made it one day as an HVAC technician. He is scared of heights, and he hates getting dirty. He was doing all of the grunt work for the HVAC company, and they did not let him take breaks. He came home exhausted, and he knew that he would never be an HVAC technician.


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