Mines can be actually sizzling inside

Close to my house, there is an incredibly old abandoned mining town, apparently our section was a regular hotspot for gold, and hopeful people would come down to blow holes in the mountains and mine for gemstones and gold.

I have always been interested in the old town and have explored it several times, but for the most part, a lot of the stuff was looted, and the buildings have long decayed, although some old component and papers were still left out, which were interesting to look at, then one afternoon, I decided that I should try to explore the mine that the town has.

I took my friend with me, and I was able to find the mine relatively fast. It was boarded up, however the wood has rotted from constant rainfall, and it was simple to peel away. I hopped inside and my friend followed me. One of the first things I noticed is how sizzling it was in there! I was immediately greeted with a sizzling gust of air. It felt like a oil furnace just blew in my face! I thought I would get used to it, although I didn’t and as much as I enjoyed exploring the mine, the heat made it difficult. The heat only got worse as every one of us chose to go further on through the maze of a mine. As I went further I felt like I was choking on the heat and every one of us had to turn around. I climbed out and breathed the fresh air. I went back current home and sat close to the air conditioner vent. I was actually cheerful for air conditioners at that moment, and even though it was sizzling in there, I already planned on taking a mini cooling fan with me, to substitute an air conditioner next time I go exploring down there.


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