AC on a plane

The other day I was talking to one of my co-workers about his recent trip out of town to yet another friend’s wedding.

Apparently, he’s been in over ten weddings in the past year.

This sounds absolutely terrible to me as someone who does not enjoy going to these ceremonies whatsoever. Obviously it was getting pretty old to this guy too, because he is having trouble coping with all of the traveling and stress. He said the last wedding was so anxiety-inducing that he was hitting the bar very hard. When he had to get up and catch his flight the next morning he was absolutely hungover and miserable. Then he had to endure several hours at the airport and on a plane feeling terrible with no control over his indoor environment. This includes the air quality and air temperature. If you’ve been to an airport recently you know that the ventilation is nothing amazing. Some of the airport feels like there is no AC or ventilation whatsoever. The air will be very hot, humid, and stagnant as you stand in endless lines. After that, you’ll find that other parts of the airport are filled with air conditioning on full blast. It’s like you’re standing in a walk-in freezer rather than waiting for your aircraft in a well-managed HVAC environment. My coworker said this was all very miserable but the worst part of his experience was the indoor air temperature control on the airplane. He managed to get on an airplane with a broken ventilation system. The poor guys didn’t even have his own AC vent to point at his hungover face for 10 hours. Today I learned a lesson about airplanes, AC, and drinking.

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