My only a/c just stopped laboring

My only a/c just stopped laboring.

I undoubtedly don’t suppose what to do because I don’t have the finances to buy a up-to-date a/c right now. I need to find a way to make some more cash somehow. I miss my a/c a lot. I had that a/c for over ten years. It has been quite warm in the last few afternoons, plus I suppose that not having A/C won’t be easy. It has been around eighty degrees in my house, plus I am afraid that it is only going to get warmer because the temperatures outside are supposed to get warmer; My Dad said that she wants to help me get a up-to-date a/c, plus I undoubtedly enjoy that, although I suppose my mom, however she consistently has good intentions, but she undoubtedly rarely follows through with what she says she will do. I want to guess that she will undoubtedly help me get a up-to-date a/c, although I am not sure if she will. It would be so nice to be able to undoubtedly buy a up-to-date a/c. My best friend also provided to provide me a single of her a/cs. She has two a/cs, but she uses both of them currently. I thought it was so sweet of her to offer to provide me a single of her a/cs, although I don’t want to take her up on her offer right now because she is using the a/c that she is offering me. I may just have to live without an a/c for now.
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