My house is so hot because my heated floors are stuck on

My house is so hot because my heated floors are stuck on.

I am not looking forward to this next week.

It is supposed to be in the nineties the entire week. I think that one day it is supposed to be over one hundred degrees. I cannot figure out how to get my heated floors to turn off. I turned them off according to the settings, but I can feel that the heated floors are still on. I tried to have company over yesterday, and they were so hot the entire time. It had to have been around eighty degrees in my house. It was no fun because the heated floors were on. I had a couple of friends try to see if they could figure out why my heated floors were not turning off, but they could not figure it out either. I called my dad, and he came all the way out to my house to try to turn my heated floors off. He lives about three hundred miles north of me. He said that there must be something wrong because the heated floors should be off but aren’t. I don’t know what I am going to do. I could call an HVAC company to see what they would charge, but I am afraid that it will cost too much. I don’t have much extra money this month to pay an HVAC company to turn off my heated floors. One of the reasons that I don’t have money is because my electric bill is so high due to the heated floors, so it might be best if I just call an HVAC company anyway.


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