I finally found a dehumidifier with wheels

I love having a smaller dehumidifier.

I finally found a dehumidifier with wheels. I had a dehumidifier for almost ten years that was massive, and it didn’t have wheels. It was so hard for me to transport from my bathroom to my sunroom. I didn’t know what to do once I couldn’t move my dehumidifier on my own anymore. I asked my son to help me move it one time, and he commented on how heavy the dehumidifier was. I hurt my back, so he told me not to even try to move the dehumidifier ever again. I know that he will ask me if I tried to move it each time he comes to my house, so I haven’t touched that huge dehumidifier. I did find a new humidifier though, and it is much smaller, and it actually has wheels. Why someone would make a dehumidifier as big as my first one without wheels is beyond me. This dehumidifier that I just bought is much smaller, and it has wheels. My new dehumidifier is less than half the size of my old dehumidifier, and it is so nice. I love having a smaller dehumidifier. I can actually move it without killing my back. I am sure that my son will still move my big humidifier for me whenever he comes over, but he lives almost three hours away, so he doesn’t get to come over as often as he would like to. I am glad that I have a dehumidifier that I can move by myself. I had been looking for a small dehumidifier for years, and I finally found one.


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