I couldn’t win with that one

I never thought a 90 year old person could be my undoing.

I had been an HVAC specialist for almost thirty years, and I knew my job well.

I had every intention of going to this woman’s little apartment and undoubtedly working on her air conditioning. She previously told my boss I had to be there at precisely eleven in the morning. I couldn’t have ever truthfully counted on there being an accident that had myself and others tied up for hours on the highway. When I showed up at her apartment after eleven and she was livid with me. Her stare had my 6 foot four inch body shriveling. There was something about her that reminded myself and others of my Grandmother. Grans definitely was always a stickler for promptness and she didn’t want any excuses for the mistakes. I apologized and gave her my card. I also showed her my HVAC contractor ID card to check my credentials. She looked at myself and others and at the ID before nodding curtly. She told myself and others she was going to subtract some extra money for my being late. She showed me where to find the a/c and opened the door. I lowered my head as I walked by her at that point and went immediately to the A/C unit. It took myself and others about twenty five minutes to finish the servicing on the A/C unit. I knocked on the door, only for her to say the last HVAC specialist was done in fifteen minutes. Well, I didn’t guess what to say to her when I handed her the bill, but I got out of there. She said nothing, but she was calling the HVAC contractor business even before I got out of her house.

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