Improving home security

I’ve lived my whole life in a small farming community in the northeastern part of the country. My husband and I own and work the same grape vineyards that belonged to his great grandfather. Growing up in our rural area, no one ever worried about locking the doors to their house. We tended to leave our cars unlocked with the keys dangling from the ignition. Kids walked to each other’s houses and we often held neighborhood barbecues. Over the years the safety of our small town has deteriorated. There are frequently stories of tools being stolen out of garages. A neighbor of ours had a dirt bike stolen, and we know several people who’ve had their cars broken into and vandalized. About a year ago, there was a series of home invasions. During the middle of the day, while most people are at work, the robbers kicked in the doors of these houses and grabbed anything of value that was easy to carry. They stole cash, jewelry, laptops, blu ray players, Ipods and all sorts of things. My home was one of those that was targeted. Coming home to find the front door wide open, dirty footprints across the carpet and many of our possessions missing was devastating. I no longer felt safe in the house. My husband and I immediately invested into a home security system. We now have surveillance cameras, outdoor lighting, window sensors and automated door locks. If anyone tries to get into the locked house without the proper code, the alarm sounds. The local authorities are notified, and my husband and I receive a text message alert on our iphones. We also have real time footage of every angle of the property through the cameras.



Building System Integration