Parents didn’t think a girl could be in HVAC industry

Sometimes people are so dense that it really surprises me. I don’t expect very much of people, but it turns out that my expectations are still too high. I realized this the other day when my parents gave me some very disappointing news. Apparently, they never thought that I could make it in my current professional career. This was news to me. I always thought that my parents were supportive of my career of choice. I keep them warm and comfortable all year round, thanks to my professional degree in HVAC repair and maintenance services. Yet, they were always surprised that I was able to “cut it among the men.” Good to know. My interest in HVAC started back in high school. I was fascinated with the science behind the heating and cooling technologies that all of us tend to take for granted. Most folks wake up every day and assume that their thermostat is going to adequately control their indoor air quality. They never worry about the air temperature because they have high quality indoor air handling equipment to make sure that their homes are always in the perfect range of temperatures and humidity. On the other hand, I’ve been interested in knowing HOW AC systems and furnaces work. When I went into HVAC technical school, my family seemed supportive. When I got hired as a professional heating and cooling technician, my parents said they knew I’d be great. All along, I guess they were waiting for me to drop out of the air quality control race. They didn’t think a girl could work among the HVAC men.