Non-licensed furnace repair almost has a steep price

Our furnace stopped toiling last Springtime and my associate and I never got it fixed.

After all, warmer weather was almost here.

Besides, a space heating system kept us moderate enough for a month or two. But then fall arrived and my associate and I still hadn’t gotten the furnace fixed. However, Christmas was coming and my associate and I just couldn’t afford to get the furnace fixed professionally. Instead, I hired a friend of my neighbors to repair it for us. The cost was only $100 and he got it toiling in a few hours. I was happy. That is until my associate and I were all watching cable and my associate and I all started feeling sleepy. I looked over at my 2 year old child and noticed that his face was bright red. That didn’t seem right. Then I remembered that people get sleepy and red faced when there is a carbon monoxide issue in the house. I abruptly used my O2 sensor on my finger and found that my oxygen levels were way lower than they should be. I grabbed up the youngsters, woke up my spouse, and my associate and I all ran outside. My spouse got some fresh air then went inside and turned off the furnace and opened the windows while I took the youngsters to the hospital. My wonderful friend and I were all ok, thank God. But that is the last time I will use a non-licensed person to work on my furnace. My wonderful friend and I are keeping the furnace turned off and my associate and I are calling up a licensed Heating and A/C supplier to come out and repair our furnace right. My family’s lives are worth the extra money.


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