Trade school for HVAC seems like a good deal

Carlos said he doesn’t have any student loans

I wasn’t too thrilled when my daughter started dating Carlos. Emily is a smart girl. She went to college. She got her Master’s Degree. That is why I always saw her with a lawyer or a doctor or someone like that. But then Carlos came along. Carlos went to trade school for boiler repair and HVAC work. So I didn’t really like him. That is, before I met him. Once I met Carlos I could see what Emily saw in him. He is a nice young man and he read a lot of books. It is easy to hold an intelligent conversation with him. I still hoped that Emily would marry someone who makes a bit more money. I don’t know why but I just assumed that Carlos made minimum wage working in boilers and HVAC. I reminded myself that Emily makes a lot of money on her own so maybe I should be so critical. After all, she could be the one who brings home the bacon. It wasn’t until yesterday that I found out that Carlos makes almost $30 an hour! I had no idea that HVAC workers made so much money. That is more money than I make and I’ve been working in accounting for over 30 years now. It is even more money than Emily is making and she has hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans she is still trying to pay off. Carlos said he doesn’t have any student loans. He borrowed a few thousand from his uncle to go to trade school for HVAC. Then he paid his uncle back within 2 years of completing his certification. Wow!
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