New home has terrible HVAC system

When we were in the market for a new home we found one we liked a lot.

There was only one problem: the HVAC system didn’t work.

The house had built in central heating and cooling but neither the heater nor the air conditioner worked at all. The house had been listed for almost a year so we put in a stipulation that we would buy the house but only if the original owners replaced the HVAC system. Well they replace the HVAC system and we have now been living in our new house for about 9 months. All was going well until the heater suddenly stopped working. We called up a local HVAC company and they looked our heater over. After that they looked over our entire HVAC system. Apparently we got shafted. This HVAC system is the cheapest of the cheap. HVAC companies don’t even sell them. You have to order them online and then install them yourself or hire a handyman to install it. Apparently we were lucky the HVAC system lasted this long. They are known to only last about 6 months. So now we have to get a whole new HVAC system installed. Yes, we did double check what the HVAC company told us. We didn’t just take their word for it. But everything they said was completely true. So now we need to fork over about 6 thousand dollars for a new HVAC system that will last us for a decade or more. That is such a pain but at least we will know the HVAC system is decent.
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