Missed my cooling system while on a mission trip

There is typically something to be thankful for but it’s easy to forget that fact.

This is especially true when you are going through trying times.

However last year, I went on a missionary trip to a small country for almost a month. I had a lot of fun plus I was excited to be able to help the people in need. However, I actually realized how enjoyable we have it here in the US. It was weird how excited other people could be with so little. It was on this mission trip that I realize that you can be excited with almost nothing. It also taught me to be thankful for our a/cs here in the developed world. That month I did mission work was a month without a/c. It was also a month in one of the hottest areas of the Earth. When I got back to the US, plus back to my home, I was so excited to just lay in front of my cooling system plus feel the nice cool air once again. I started noticing all of the little things that I take for granted every afternoon. Air conditioning is just one of them, but clean running water, indoor plumbing, plus access to healthcare are also things that I take for granted. Many people in the world do not have these things. I do not mean to come across as one of those Americans who talks about people in other countries as though they are lesser plus in need of our help either. That is definitely not the case. My associate and I just happened to live in a location that is at a odd stage of development (one with a/c) that has all.

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