Window A/C stinks terribly

Smells have always bothered me. I seem to be a little more sensitive to bad odors and other people are. I can always smell things that other people can’t. This has only got worse since I got pregnant. I’m constantly running to the restroom to throw up. Everything smells so bad. I hate to offend other people and I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to strong odors. Recently, I’ve discovered a pretty bad odor in our own house. My boyfriend didn’t notice the smell at first but it bothered me a lot. Finally, it got so bad that even he could smell it. It seemed to me that the smell got worse whenever our window air conditioner was on. It’s not super warm where we live so we only use the window air conditioner every now and then. But when we do, the stinky odor increases a lot. My boyfriend said that maybe we should clean the air conditioner and change the filter. That seems like a good idea so I went ahead and did it while he was at work. That was actually a terrible idea! It was a lot of work getting the window air conditioner apart, to begin with. Once I did, the smell was so bad. I got sick a few times cleaning and scrubbing the little air conditioner. Maybe if I wasn’t pregnant, I could have got through this without vomiting. But I was determined to get it done. an hour later, I had the window air conditioner back together and super clean. I’m happy it didn’t smell it all when I turned it back on.

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