We have a humidity problem in the basement

My partner and I have owned our house for just over 20 years now. Both of us have many fond memories in this house and it pains us to think about parting with it. However, the house is getting to be too big for my partner and I. He has a hard time getting up and down the stairs. It would be better for both of us if we lived in a one-story home. We haven’t listed our house yet but I’m sure we will soon. However, we do have one problem: that is the basement. It’s very humid in the basement and this has caused some damage down there. For example, the carpet smells really questionable and there’s a little bit of mold on the walls. We can definitely get new carpeting and paint but I don’t want to give a new family an old headache. By that I mean I don’t want to sell our house in poor condition to somebody else. We want them to love the house as much as we have. We have tried putting dehumidifiers in the basement to help with the humidity. Those worked but we keep forgetting to empty out the water so they stopped working. My partner suggested that we put an air conditioner in the basement to take care of the humidity. After all, air conditioners were initially invented as dehumidifiers. So we got a little window air conditioning unit and we put it in the one window in the basement. We’ve left it running non-stop and it does seem to be helping. Even the smell is mostly gone out of the carpet now. I’m thinking we might just need to rent a carpet cleaner and do a little bit of painting and the house will be ready to go on the market.


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