Filtration system helps when fires are nearby

When the mountains nearby burn there is nothing for us to do but close up the house and blast the air conditioning.

My pal and I are not so close to the mountains that my pal and I are ever in any real danger but my pal and I get a lot of smoke when the mountains burn.

Ash falls down from the sky like it is snowing. That ash and smoke get into anything and everything. Thankfully our Heating and A/C system works on a closed system. This means that the air is taken from inside the house, cooled, and returned to the house. Air is not taken from outside. My pal and I also have genuinely superb sealing on all of our doors and windows. But, of course, my pal and I still must go in and out throughout the morning so some smoke gets in, then for that, my pal and I have a genuinely superb filtration system built right into our Heating and A/C system. It has UV lighting and more than one filter. It works great. It took us about a year to get everything installed in the house like it is, however during our first fire season here, my pal and I could genuinely see the smoke inside of the house. My asthma was genuinely awful and no one could breathe right. My pal and I all started researching ways to keep the smoke out. It was either that or my pal and I would have to move. The special filtration system cost quite a bit, so did the sealing, but it was so worth it. It makes our dwelling livable, no matter what is going on outside. I know the filtration system helps with our dust irritations, in general, too. I am so blissful my pal and I didn’t have to transfer because I genuinely do love it here.

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