Crazy uncle’s air conditioning broke down

I am the go to guy for small house repairs in the family. I guess I have just consistently been handy with tools and figuring out how stuff works. I really don’t mind helping out the rest of the family from time to time and they usually know what is on my level and what they need to call out a professional for. They also usually wait until normal waking hours before calling me; But last night I got a call from my uncle at 2 am. It seems his air conditioning had stopped working and he wanted me to come and see if I could fix it. I have never gotten along well with this uncle, he is a bit of a loudmouth and has strong political opinions and I just don’t like being around him, but nonetheless, I said I would come and take a look in the morning, however he called again at 7 am and wanted to know when I was coming over and then he complained about being boiling all night with no air conditioning, as if that was my fault. I made it to his house about two hours later and started looking around his Heating and A/C unit. It appeared to me that the compressor was seized up. I found another compressor online and told him the cost. He wanted me to pay for it! He said, “Well this is your show.” I told him that, genuinely they don’t make the compressor he needs anymore and he will have to call out the air conditioning professionals. He said he was blissful he didn’t buy the compressor that was the wrong fit and that I am what is wrong with young people. I genuinely dodged a bullet here.


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