Kid puts vegetables in Heating plus Air Conditioning vent

A buyer of ours called about a bad stink coming out of her Heating plus Air Conditioning vents, but i was dispatched for a vent cleaning and possible vent sealing! When your vents stink, it can be anything from mold to a dead creature the crawled into them and died… Thankfully, this one did not end up being a dead creature however it was a bizarre one.

It seems that vent was not covered in the kitchen and their 6 year-old child had been throwing food down there, unbeknownst to the parents.

I recognize this is a family that has to wipe their plates and the child just didn’t like certain food. Whatever the cause, there was now several weeks of seasoned molding food in the Heating plus Air Conditioning vent that I had to wipe out, and the home stunk, but man did it stink bad. The lady of the home had some scented candles around however it did little to help the situation. Apparently they have been trying to figure out where the stink was coming from for some time. I ended up doing a complete and thorough vent cleaning. I also cleaned the Heating plus Air Conditioning system really wonderful and installed charcoal and baking coffee filters. It took all day and was really nasty work. Most of the food in the vent was unrecognizable. It had all molded together or, in some cases, turned to a sticky, watery liquid. I also put a cover over any vents missing cover and suggested the child’s seat be moved away from the vent for future meals. I doubt I will have to tell our buyers this twice as they were rather frustrated to discover the cause of the stink.

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