I can hear my coworkers Heating & Air Conditioning system on calls

Last year respectfully marks one year my good friend and I have been working from home. I know almost everyone have been working from apartment for about a year too & it’s crazy to guess we’re still here. Last year when my manager told me that I was going to start working from apartment I truthfully thought it would be two months tops, and tops. However, It’s respectfully been a year & there are a few things I can take away from my time at home! For one I have decided that I entirely hate my coworker Jen’s heating & cooling system. I know that might sound like a random thing to hate although I can hear the heating & cooling system on every call that my good friend and I have. I guess he must have her temperature control set at sixty because her air conditioner is regularly blasting. It’s wild to me that she lets his air-conditioning go on like this during important calls with her boss, although I guess to each their own. I told myself that I would speak with Jen about her heating & cooling system & how loud it is on every call, however it just never was the right time. We’ve all been dealing with so much at apartment & I don’t want to make Jen feel uncomfortable because I can hear her heating & cooling system. However, I do guess it would be beneficial if she knew that her heating & cooling system is so loud that it was distracting me on our calls. Maybe if my good friend and I do labor from apartment a little bit longer then my good friend and I will really say something to her although I just don’t know that it’s worth it at this point, my good friend and I entirely don’t have that much longer to labor at home, then at least I entirely hope my good friend and I don’t have that much longer to labor at apartment because I am getting quite sick of it to be honest. If I was in the office you’d be able to joke around about the air conditioner in the office email however because we’re working from apartment my good friend and I have to be PC.


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