Working overnights can be difficult if you don't have air conditioning.

I took a job at a local hospital working overnights as an ER nurse.

The shift can be either extremely boring, or, you can have a night so hectic that all you want to do is fall into bed when you get home.

It was tough to adjust to being up all night and trying to sleep during the day but over the years I have become accustomed to it. The hardest part of this adjustment was trying to drown out the sounds of everyday life while trying to fall asleep. When I first took the job I had an apartment that didn’t have any sort of air conditioning so I had to leave the windows open for fresh air. This made it very difficult to sleep due to the noise of traffic, people walking by, and even the birds. I could block out the light with shades but I could not block out the noise. When I finally saved up enough to buy my own house my number one priority was a top of the line heating and air conditioning system. I didn’t even care if the other appliances were outdated because I really don’t do much cooking anyway. All I wanted was to know that I could close the house up, be comfortable, and block out the noise of the world around me during the day. This was really the best present I ever gave myself. I now get a peaceful days rest and I am recharged for my next shift without a problem. Anytime anyone complains that they can’t sleep during the day, I always ask them the same question, do you have a good HVAC system? If they say they don’t, I give them the name of my HVAC dealer and tell them to give them a call.

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