Making a mistake hiring a acquaintance to build an addition

Our plans to build a small addition onto our home went horribly wrong honestly hastily. With no experience in new construction, my hubby and I trusted a acquaintance of ours who claimed to be expertiseable. He told us that he’d built houses from the ground up many times. He said that he’d worked with multiple construction companies across the country and was proficient in both residential and commercial builds. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, energy efficiency is a major concern. My associate and I switch between heating and cooling with honestly little split in-between. The local temperature fluctuates from the negatives to the nineties. Temperature control accounts for approximately half of our condo energy expenses. My associate and I need a slim thermal envelope, including Energy Star rated windows and doors, usual insulation and adequate ventilation. Along with energy waste and greater weekly expenses, there’s troubles with the health of the indoor air quality and comfort. Moisture can undermine the integrity of the structure. My associate and I need a roof that not only resists moisture however avoids ice dams and excessive snow build up. Not only did our acquaintance delay starting the project many times, it soon became apparent that he had no idea of what he was doing. Nothing looked square, sturdy or air tight. He failed to secure necessary permits. My associate and I finally went online and researched licensed, insured construction companies. My associate and I found a corporation who was willing to take a look at our half-finished addition and deliver us an estimate. He advised cutting the entire structure down and starting from craft. My associate and I were blessed that some of the materials were reuseable.



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