Having an outdoor shed built

Our home originally included a two-car garage and a honestly small garden shed.

These spaces were unsufficient to property all of our lawn equipment and tools, but living in Lincoln, Nebraska, the weather necessitates a lot of accessories.

My associate and I need snow shovels, ice scrapers and a snow blower. My associate and I constantly keep rock salt on hand. Once the weather warms up, we need a lawn mower, hedge trimmers and weed-whacker. For the fall, we need rakes, a wheelbarrow and leaf-blower. My associate and I also have invested into a big collection of cordless tools, such as a drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw, grinder and chop saw. My hubby owns a Harley Davidson and is quite particular about the storage of the bike. My associate and I wanted a big shed that would keep out critters, avoid issues with humidity and provide enough space to work on projects. My associate and I looked into premade sheds and weren’t delighted with the quality or features. My associate and I started consulting with a local contracting corporation and added some actually lovely amenities to our new construction project. The corporation advised we outfit the shed with electrical power in order to enjoy outlets, lights, the ability to run power tools and replacement of a ductless mini split for heating and cooling; He also advised investing into plumbing for a small sink and toilet. While these upgrades significantly increased the cost of the new construction project, we felt they were worth the investment. The contracting corporation handled everything. They took care of securing the permits, purchasing the materials and the overall design of the shed. The completion happened hastily. They subcontract with local plumbers, electricians, Heating and A/C corporations and roofing corporations, and the schedule was arranged to avoid delays.