Building our dream home

After college, my hubby and I spent nearly ten years renting a tiny apartment, and my associate and I lived in a rather nasty neighborhood and put up with old accommodations for the sake of cheap rent.

My associate and I worked as much overtime as possible, cut coupons and went without luxuries in order to save our money.

My associate and I saved every possible dollar so that we could eventually build our dream house, however instead of going out to fancy suppers, taking holidays and seeing films, we researched floor plans, roofing materials and bedroom cottageets. It took awhile to afford a piece of home in Lincoln, Nebraska! The state’s capital city is ranked as one of the best places to live in the country. My associate and I like the scenic vistas and the change of seasons. My associate and I enjoy freezing and snowy winters, sizzling and sunny summers, gorgeous colors of the fall and fresh rains of Spring. Despite all our planning, we needed the assistance of a professional building corporation, as handy as my hubby and I are, we don’t understand all of the ins and outs of new construction. My associate and I found a reputable construction corporation who is licensed, insured and experienced. They have the resources to handle all stages of the project hastily and properly. They handled all of the building inspections and made sure the electrical system, plumbing, Heating and A/C and everything else complied with local zoning requirements. They helped us choose superb quality windows, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, countertops and everything we needed to outfit a comfortable and energy efficient home. Because of the skills of the construction corporation, we pay less in energy bills and enjoy healthy indoor air quality. My associate and I are totally delighted with the end result.


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