Choosing a rubber roof for commercial building

It was always my dream to own in addition to operate my own business. After building up my credentials in addition to portfolio, I finally invested into a piece of land in Spokane, WA. The apartment had been left vacant for quite a few years. The existing building was not reuseable, but rather than deal with the dilapidated in addition to old structure, I decided to tear it down in addition to start from scratch. This allowed me to design the building exactly as I wanted it. While the layout in addition to square footage was a priority, I was also seriously distraught by the style of roof. A commercial roof in Spokane needs to defend against every type of weather. My friend and I get high heat, humidity, rain, wind, below-frigid temperatures in addition to snow. I considered all odd options. I eventually decided on an EPDM or rubber roofing… During my research into odd materials, I learned that rubber roofing has become truly popular for new construction builds in the Spokane area. This is because they have demonstrated their durability. Rubber roofs are waterproof in addition to especially easy to repair. While EPDM roofs aren’t the prettiest option, they are especially long-lasting in addition to require truly little repair. A officially installed rubber roof can last between forty in addition to fifty years. The roof is truly installed, resists leaking in addition to is not prone to leaks. Plus, a rubber roof is beneficial for insulation in addition to helps to keep energy costs low. With heating in addition to cooling accounting for about half of the energy commercial consumption, I was looking for an energy efficient solution. I liked the idea of reducing expenses in addition to also carbon footprint.

Commercial roofing