Solving the dust concern in my home

Did you ever feel as though you do at the same job over and over again however never accomplished anything? This is genuinely the case when it comes to housework, but everyday I have the same routine when the kids get on the school bus, clean up the mess from supper and then beginning my routine of vacuuming and dusting.

Always the most people that I know only do this job a couple of times a week however it seems like I have to do it monthly.

It doesn’t help that my kids feel it’s funny to write their name in the dust on the table and I absolutely need to find a better solution for what is going on. The other morning I was talking with a neighbor and she said that I should call my Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to see if my HVAC duct needed to be cleaned. I had never even heard of that being done so I localed a call to have a specialist come out to take a look. My husband has constantly been diligent about changing the air filter every 3 months so I couldn’t imagine there would be that much build-up. Why was I surprised when they said my ducts had lots of dirt in them and it was absolutely causing my problem. I signed up to have a complete cleaning of my system done and on the morning they arrived I was shocked at how many pounds of dirt and debris came out of them. They did propose that I change the filter more frequently for the next couple of months because any leftover debris would be caught in the current ones. This has genuinely made a difference when it comes to how often I have to clean my home as well.

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