Our renter is jacking up my energy bill

Owning rental properties can be a great thing for investing in the future, and however, when you live in a double & rent out the other half, it can be a hassle as well.

This is mostly because you see your renter on a afternoon-to-day basis & know everything that they are doing.

If you hear a loud crash or see something that is harmd you may tend to overreact. This is the case with my hubby & I because when my buddy and I decided to purchase our first dwelling my buddy and I knew my buddy and I wanted something that would help spend money the mortgage. My associate and I decided that purchasing a duplex was our best chance & for the most part it has been. The rental agreement that my buddy and I have with our renter includes the cost of heating & that became a problem, and when my buddy and I first bought condo my buddy and I were renovating it so my buddy and I knew that heating both spaces was expensive however felt that it could be kept under control. When’s our first renter moved in my buddy and I realized that my buddy and I no longer had the ability to adjust the temperature on their side & my buddy and I found out that they were using way more energy than my buddy and I had done. My associate and I decided to talk to her Heating & Air Conditioning corporation & see if there was some way to have a programmable system put in that my buddy and I could adjust when needed. My associate and I had a talk with the renter & told her that my buddy and I would be controlling the temperature & ask them what they wanted it set at. When she told us that she would like her dwelling to be at 69° my buddy and I told her that was unpassable, and she did not like the frosty Winters however my buddy and I told her that if she wanted her locale to be that overheated she would have to spend money her own energy cost. This made a giant difference in her choice & she agreed to keep it at 74 instead.


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