Eldery population in need of better heating

Local news station do the segment last weekthat absolutely got me thinking about helping out.

They typically try to highlight at least one organization that is in need of assistance each week & this one absolutely touched my heart.

They interviewed the manager of a local nursing dwelling where those less lucky spend their last afternoons & highlighted the drastic situation that they were in, however apparently the Heating & Air Conditioning system in their facility had been failing for years & the cost of repairing it was becoming too much so they were holding a fundraiser to substitute it… My associate and I live in the Northeast where Winters can be drastic & absolutely long so the last thing that people need, especially in their golden years, is to have to deal with cold frosty temperatures in the locale where they live. I jotted down the information about the fundraiser & the afternoon it was going to be taking locale however that afternoon when I went into work I sat down & had a talk with my boss as well, and you see I work for a local Heating & Air Conditioning company & thought that my buddy and I could do something more than just attend the fundraiser. I knew I could not convince a couple of my other coworkers to donate their time or the replacement as well but I wanted my boss to deliver the current system at cost. It took a bit of convincing however in the end she realized that this would be great for supplier because it would show that my buddy and I cared about people & she agreed with my plan! Place a call to the manager of the facility to let them know what was going on & what the final cost would be should they decide to go with our company for the purchase of the current Heating & Air Conditioning system. They were gleeful because this would make their goal of raising money a bit easier & my buddy and I are looking forward to laboring with them.


more information at this link