Making the most out of my time away

When I learned that I was going to be travelling for a month for work I decided that it was a perfect time to have some work done on the house.

I have a neighbor that is willing to let my contractor in and out and keep an eye on things so I knew that the timing was perfect.

Seeing as I live alone, no one would care if the water and HVAC system was off during that time. I had to leave the electric and gas on so that the HVAC technician could test the new system I was having installed. I had wanted to have some of the windows replaced with ones that didn’t leak and the HVAC system upgraded for a long time but having all of that going on while I was home would make me very uncomfortable. I need to have things in order or else I get very stressed and the idea of living in a construction zone seemed like an impossible situation. I decided at the last minute to have some of the plumbing replaced that still had the old lead pipes too. I met with the general contractor and went over all the plans. I felt like I was living in one of those makeover shows and I would come home to everything all new and updated. I left for my trip feeling great about the choices I had made. When my HVAC dealer called to walk me through installing the app for my new programmable system I felt even better. After that I was really looking forward to going home from my business trip.


Heating and air conditioning system