Wanting a rewiring of the whole home

When I bought my first home, I knew actually little about necessary maintenance, and i had no clue how to handle repairs, and buying an older condo presented some difficulties. I was faced with windows that wouldn’t open yet leaked a tremendous amount of air, there was actually little water pressure plus not enough warm water, and all of the appliances were old plus everything from washing clothes to keeping milk freezing was a struggle; One of my greatest complaints was the lack of power outlets. I had a single plug in each room, plus they were all the two-prong variety. I bought a package of convertors plus many power strips so that I could plug in my microwave, pop maker, toaster, cellphone chargers plus my hair dryer. I needed extension cords to plug in box fans plus electric blankets. I quickly learned how to repair a tripped breaker because it happened numerous times per day. Because of the ugliness plus inconvenience of the power strips plus extension cords, I finally hired a licensed electrician to install some more outlets… She took a look at my set up plus told me that I needed an entire rewiring of the home. She informed me that my electrical panel plus wires weren’t up to the safety standards of locals codes. Although I wasn’t happy about the major disruption plus expense involved, the result has made such an improvement to my everyday life. I now have plenty of outlets to accommodate all of my needs. I don’t need to worry over flames, shocks or risk of a fire.



Electric panel