Custom shoe rack

Shoe storage has always been a headache in my household.

For starters, I don’t really have an entryway.

You basically walk into my library. I bought a shoe cubby that you set your shoes in the desired hole and it is out of the wya. My husband was horrible about this. He kept sitting on the cubby to take off his shoes. He is over 200 pounds and the cubby was cheap. I kept seeing him in my mind bursting through it. I then upgraded to a standing rack that we set shoes on. My husband never would put his shoes on it. He simply kicked them off in front of it or even worse, left them in front of the door for me to trip on. I needed something that looked good, functioned well, but was easy to store shoes. I really had no idea what I wanted. Online proved to be useless. Everything suggested was either ugly or like a million dollars. I ended up talking with a custom furniture builder for shoe rack ideas. The guy was incredible at coming up with a solution. He designed a bench that had pull out storage for the shoes. You could hook your foot on the rack to pull it out and take off your shoe. It was easy, convenient, and it looked great. The bench was all wood and able to hold my husband when he sat on it. I love the look of it in my house. I know I need somewhere to put our coats that look good.

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