Fall boiler safety tip

My Grandparents passed away about a year ago! We had to go into their home and scrub up a lot of their things.

We boxed up a lot of their personal possessions.

A lot of their other items were handed out to family members that were stated on the will. My family members wanted to redo the whole home. However there were some family members who just wanted to sell the home. After a large consensus, all the people decided to redo the home and keep it in the family. It could be used as a summer time home when family wanted to get away from the city and take a weekend into the country. When cleaning the home my great friend and I bought a large dumpster to get rid of seasoned furniture and junk. We saw that my Grandparents boiler was still at the house. Some of the family members were going to move it, then but my uncle who works at an Heating as well as A/C company told us to not move it. He said that the firebox may be full of fuel. He said that one bad move could make for a possible disaster. He also said that any boiler that hasn’t been used for a long time (which it has) shouldn’t be touched. My uncle had a flammability meter probe that he took out of his labor truck. This was to measure the LEL (lower explosive limit). He wanted a second opinion so he decided to call a few of his workers down to look at his boiler.