Going to a friend’s cabin where there’s typically a temperature problem

I prefer being in the comfort of my home, but the only time I will absolutely leave my home is when I have to go to labor or to the gym, then otherwise I’d rather just stay home, relax, and get ready for the next day, my one buddy typically wants me to go over to her cabin for parties and celebrations, then i don’t mind them here and there however I am kind of a homebody and I prefer being alone most the time.

Plus every time when I go over to her cabin I am usually either freezing or dripping with sweat, but during the summer time I am dripping with sweat because she does not turn her cooling system on, she’s one of those people that suppose green and go over the top about saving energy. To be honorableI don’t suppose she saves as much energy and money as she thinks she does! However she does not keep in mind that her guests are dripping with sweat each time they come over. This even occurs in the winter. During the winter season I am freezing because she does not turn on her heat because she still wants to save energy and money… Everytime that I host a celebration at my cabin I try to make sure my guests feel comfortable as possible. However she does not do a honestly great task at that and is not a great server when she has guests over to her home. Hopefully she will learn how to use her Heating as well as A/C system more efficiently than just not turning it on.

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