Time to change the furnace’s air filter

I do not mind when I have family plus friends over for a dinner party.

  • However can get kind of the afternoon when I have to scrub my whole house.

I made sure I split up some of the vegetables plus then use it the night before I had to cook them. I prepared my meals before I cleaned. I like to make sure my household is completely clean. So all my guests won’t have to experience dust plus a dirty environment. I was making a five course meal, I had a lot of the food almost ready when I looked at the top of my fridge near my air vent plus I saw how dirty it was. I grabbed my duster plus started dusting. It seemed like all the surfaces that were near my air vents were dusty plus had other particles. I couldn’t dust my whole household in a matter of twenty minutes since my guests were showing up soon. So I just dusted the most evident surfaces that needed the most cleaning. With all of the dust plus remembering that my kid was sneezing all week, I forgot that it was time to change my furnace’s air filter. Thankfully I had an extra air filter in my basement, changing the air filter aided in the cleanliness of my household before my guests showed up. Considering the fact I didn’t have enough time to dust the rest of my home. I’m blissful I thought of this because my air quality will improve, not to mention my household will be less dusty plus my kid won’t be sneezing as much.