Tips to keep your heating system safe and running efficiently

I’m always looking for ways to maximize the efficiency of my home. I try to make sure that I shut off lights in my rooms when I’m not in them. I always change my HVAC air filters so my HVAC system is not running as hard. If you do not change your HVAC air filters than your system could be running more than it needs to. A few tips that I have been given from my HVAC technician is to have my furnace tuned up and inspected by an HVAC professional. This is to ensure that it is safe and ready to use before the cold weather approaches. He has also told me that I need to keep the area around the furnace clear. I should also always keep checking my air filter so there’s no build up. This is to allow maximum air flow through the filter. It’s important to check the air filter consistently so your furnace doesn’t run harder and consistently break down. Dirt and other particles make this hard for your HVAC system. Always listen to your HVAC technician. I remember my neighbor didn’t listen to his HVAC technician’s advice and ended up doing repairs on his HVAC system by himself. It turned out that one morning he woke to a fire in the basement. Therefore leave the intricate HVAC system to a highly qualified and licensed HVAC technician. I never touch my HVAC system unless it’s to check and clean the air filter.
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