Looking for more HVAC comfort

I’m not all that picky of a man really.

But when it comes to quality heating and air, I’m pretty sure when it comes to what my needs are.

Our home is a great example. When we purchased this house, we agreed to inherit the HVAC equipment. This was not exactly what we had planned to do but the fact that my spouse and I would save thousands of dollars on the final price was so beautiful. We offered it for a couple of years and truthfully, the old HVAC unit wasn’t that bad. But it really wasn’t that great either. It was far from being the latest in residential HVAC or having any of the HVAC technology that I wanted. Yet, as much as I want great heating and cooling, I’m a team player and I agreed to using it for a couple more years. But by then, even my husband was sort of over the HVAC unit. So my friend and I had the old HVAC unit replaced with the sort of residential HVAC that my friend and I wanted. My spouse and I got the HVAC technology that my friend and I were originally looking for in the zone controlled HVAC and smart thermostat. Plus, the SEER rating is off the charts so this HVAC unit is about as efficient as it gets. While I care about the quality of heating and air inside my home, I’m still not happy with all the heating and cooling units in my life. Currently I’m looking for a better commercial HVAC unit for the office where I work. I’ve been looking at commercial HVAC replacement options that match our budget for years. I’m going to keep looking because it’s about time we had a decent commercial HVAC system to replace the old one.

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