Getting the right AC elevates your house

When we moved down here, all we wanted to do was be active.

Having spent the last decade prior to retirement getting fit, we weren’t about to waste it resting inside the central A/C of our current site.

My spouse and I moved to the land of the heat pump from the great white north. It was a change for sure. But a change that my partner and I had both been thinking about and planning for nearly as long as we were getting our health back. I feel the fact that when we hit our mid 50’s in such bad shape was a wake up call. We’d both worked so difficult inside the commercial HVAC of our respective offices for so long that we sort of let our health go. We wanted to be sure that we recovered our fitness before it was too late. Besides, we wanted to move south to enjoy a region where my wife and I could honestly get away from the harsh winter. The idea of playing hockey and enjoying a winter season outside was so awesome. So my friend and I wasted no time getting after it when my friend and I moved down here instead of staying inside the A/C all the time. And it’s been a lovely decade. These nights, we’re slowing down a bit. While my friend and I still care about to get outside and do fun, active things, there are nights where my friend and I just aren’t up to it. Having the sunroom with the ductless heat pump installed was just the ticket for that situation as my friend and I can stand inside quality heating and air but still enjoy the outdoors.



Hybrid HVAC system