I can't live here any longer

There comes a time when you are just ready for a change.

I think for me it is my time because I am ready for a change in my life.

I have been living in the same weather conditions for most of my life but I am really craving something different, then for most of my life I have been living in a genuinely frigid weather conditions but I am really wanting something warm. I want to say goodbye to all this coldness and enjoy the Sun. Where I live it’s frigid 8 months out of the year, and in my opinion that is way too long. I know some people that cherish it here and they come here just because of the cold. I have some friends who live in more tropical humid weather conditionss and they tell me that they come here to escape the heat, they say that there has too much heat where they live and they really want to enjoy the frigid for once. I think either side of the spectrum can be too extreme, you do not want to be too boiling and living in a boiling weather conditions all the time but at the same time you do not want to be living in a super frigid weather conditions all the time either. The problem is when you live in a frigid weather conditions like I do, you have to deal with a lot of heating and cooling tune-ups. Well actually, it’s pretty much all heating too enough because pretty much nobody uses their a/c unit here. In fact I know a lot of people that do not even have an a/c unit. Around here it’s all about the heating and boiler repair. The Heating and Air Conditioning dealers make a lot of money off of heating and boiler repairs.

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