How do I explain the heating and AC

If you know nothing about the heat and air conditioners and how it works and how should I explain heating and cooling to you in a way that makes sense? Well this is one of the problems that I ran into frequently as a heating and air conditioner dealer.

  • I just had a client this week asked me how exactly she should maintenance her air conditioner, she wanted advice on exactly how it worked so that she could repair it.

The problem is this was that for one, she didn’t know anything about air conditioners like it all. She didn’t even know that you were supposed to change an air filter! So while I tried to explain it to her I could tell that she was having a hard time grasping the information I was giving to her because she had no experience with air conditioners. The second reason I told her she shouldn’t be attempting to maintenance her own air conditioner is because of how dangerous it could be and the risk of her further dam device and if she does not know what she’s doing, which in her case she didn’t. For her this is enough to dissuade her from continuing to recognize about repairing her A/C herself and for everyone this is enough to dissuade them, and however this is not the case for everybody. I remember a girl repairing her own heating and cooling system himself and she decided to go and do it anyway and she ended up in the hospital after she accidentally disfigured himself. If there is anything that can be allergic from this lesson then it is that heating and A/C system to the professionals.

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