I wanted to finish with the Heating as well as A/C replaces before the weekend

I have had a ton of work to get done this week, then work has been harshly stressed and there have been a number of emergency repairs for commercial customers; Emergency repairs for commercial customers take a lot more time and require a license and certified member of our staff that is capable of handling commercial repairs! One of the items that needed to be done was a full system Heating as well as A/C replace; My great friend and I were completely replacing the outdated Heating as well as A/C system in the ice cream shop.

My great friend and I were also going to attempt to maintenance the refrigeration unit.

I was not sure if my friend and I would be able to maintenance the refrigeration component or not however I was going to do my best to try. I had two additional businesss with me when I went to the ice cream shop, and the two businesss started working on removing all of the outdated component first. I put everything in the back of the building and I contacted another lady to option up the component to take back to the shop. My great friend and I usually take the items apart and scrap them. If there’s anything we are saving, my friend and I keep it. My great friend and I don’t charge anything to remove all of the outdated equipment. It’s part of the fees that my friend and I charge for the entire installation project. The task on Friday took most of the afternoon and I was entirely trying to get done before the weekend. I did not want to work on Friday when I already had plans to spend the afternoon with my girlfriend. My great friend and I planned to go to the beach and I did not want to disappoint her.


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